What do you want to express in your life?

I want to live to 200. Life is just that damn wonderful and precious with all its ups and downs. I'd love to share that passion with others.

My journey into coaching is a culmination of a lifetime of work. It's both changed me and made me into what I always have been. Coaching is an expression of the life I want to live.

I had always believed in a life of service to others. Whether it was helping a friend or leading a company there was a service I was giving. It might have been to customers (and sometimes I had to stretch to find the service that seemed to matter to me) or the people I worked with (even when I had inevitably had to deliver some bad news).

What held you back?

There was a trap in this that I didn't understand. I was being held hostage by some saboteurs in my life who were hijacking the way I operated. Of course, the saboteurs were inside of me. I am a pleaser at heart and I had allowed it to swallow my own wishes, desires, and values.

Even as I began my training as a coach this saboteur was operating along quite happily. My mission, which coaches love to share with one another, was to help others, to be an example of being a warm heart that would share it with others so that they could find their own. But the truth was that I had yet to find my own. In the end the journey asked me to be selfish in a way I hadn't allowed myself before. I was still putting limits on my life. 

What helped you change?

I've found that true change requires two things. The first is a readiness, and capability to change. The second is an event that challenges you to leap. For me, being coached and learning to coach taught me the tools to look deeply into myself and understand what held me back in certain situations and how to combat them. The event was the death of my oldest sister. She was very much like me save for one thing. She would ask others to do things because she wanted them or wanted to do them regardless of whether that person might be opposed. For much of my life this just seemed wrong to me especially in my personal life and relationships.

What Did You Learn?

I learned something at my sister's celebration of life, an event that even people who had known her briefly some 20 years ago had travelled long distances to get to. To a person, they talked about her kindness and generosity and how she had helped them in their lives. There were so many people despite it being such a remote location. What struck me at that moment was that I could only hope to have that outpouring at my own farewell. The realization was that I was actually doing a disservice to others by not honoring them. I had judged them that they would not make up their own mind. That they might do things for me despite not wanting to. I had transferred my own issues of needing to please and was judging them for that. If you have read 'The four agreements' you might notice how many of these I was breaking despite not even realizing it. It took a little while longer for the understanding to take hold but it has altered my personal mission. Now it's to live a 'no holds barred life'.

Living a no holds barred life

Fortunately for us the universe gives us constant events for us to learn from. Living a no holds barred life is to carry a curiosity towards understanding the onion we all are. We peel back a layer and find more to discover. It's a commitment to not stagnate and stop learning about ourselves. It's up to us to be prepared to see the events for what they are and use them to grow. Personal coaching was the way I was able to take it all in and grow. Personal coaching is something I want to share with others. Not because I need to please, but because I truly love reaching for my greatest potential and having others find the same.

Why be coached by you?

I’ve spent my career building and leading teams to create digital products. While I started my post-university career as a software engineer, over time I began to lead others, then teams and eventually whole companies as a founder, CTO, COO and CEO. I have led public companies with thousands of employees and have started small ventures from the ground floor in small shared office spaces. At times I was slow to realize what I really liked about what I did but ultimately it came down to my love of working with people and helping them to transform.

My greatest challenges came from balancing the growth in my work life with my own personal growth and the events that our relationships with others creates. I've lost my way at times wondering how I could be successful in one context but not another. I've experienced events that could have been devastating. Becoming integrated, finding my values, discovering my saboteurs and acting to overcome them in all areas of my life has personally given me rewards that I never realized I was missing. I am a certified professional coach trained by the Co-Active Training Institute. I currently live between the two places I consider home, Vancouver, Canada, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when I am not off trying to experience other parts of the World.